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Which makes you the party host everybody loves Tim Pringle has been the source of soothing good times and the creator of packed dance floors to thousands of people at hundreds of weddings & functions and hundreds of Hotels & Clubs, NSW wide. Solo Acoustic - Acoustic Duo - Rock Trio to Full Band learn more

Hotels & Clubs

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Hotels & Clubs

Tim Pringle is a full-time professional Solo – Duo – Band guy with a difference. He actually engages with audiences, tells stories and takes requests.

From Star City Casino, Thredbo Lounge bars to Queensland Island Resorts, classy restaurants and wine bars to literally over 73 various Hotels & Clubs in NSW, Tim is rebooked again and again.

He is the preferred act for iconic Sydney rock music venue The Bridge Hotel in Rozelle, booked to play after all the classic OZ rock bands , The Angels, Dragon, Choirboys, Ian Moss, Screaming Jets. Pseudo Echo, Shannon Noll etc.

Email or call Tim to check availability. He’s flexible, charismatic and delivers a performance that adds value to your venue and makes your patrons stay longer.

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When not performing at Weddings and Corporate Functions and House parties Tim is playing Sydney and NSW Hotels & Clubs and restaurants.

From high-end Thredbo resorts such as The River Inn and the Thredbo Alpine Hotel to Star City Casino and literally 100’s of Sydney & NSW hotels & clubs.

Solo – Full Dance Mode

Hotels & Clubs

For Hotels or Clubs – from the iconic Bridge Hotel late shift, to slick Crown Plaza beer gardens to suburban pubs and RSL Clubs.

Tim is very experienced in reading the audience and playing the right material for the demographic and age group in front of him.  

A club audience can be hugely varied in age so it’s vital to find the middle ground and perform material that oldies will love and that younger people will love.

At some Hotels and Clubs Tim has been continually asked back for over 11 years simply because he always entertains well and is experienced enough to be able to take most popular requests.

Solo – Laid-back Sunday Vibe

A laid-back Sunday beer garden gig is vastly different from a Fri or Sat night sweaty dance floor show.
People are having a relaxed Sunday session so it’s important to cater to this dynamic and Tim does this well, playing chilled Aussie tunes or reggae vibe. But most importantly he takes requests.

The audience needs to be read well and the right material delivered to make them stay a little longer and spend a little more on a Sunday.

Tim has a variety of PA gear to suit – big outdoor spaces or small intimate spaces.

It’s important to get the volume right to create just the right vibe.
This is what Tim does well and is why he gets rebooked again and again for Sunday sessions.

Duo – For Clubs

Hotels & Clubs

There are many options Tim has available for duo.
He usually chooses the most appropriate option to suit the venue.

It might with a girl singer for a very versatile set of both male and female songs.
With a drummer for a more rock type of gig.
With a keyboard player for a more classy type of gig.
With a Violin player for a very classy gig or a traditional Country or Irish venue
Or the standard 2 guitar oz rock set.

At the end of the day – it’s not so much the line-up that is the main focus – it’s more about – is the audience entertained and will the duo get re-booked at the venue.


Tim’s continuous full calendar is a testament to the fact that what he does works very well!

Trio Or Band For Bigger Stages

Hotels & Clubs

For bigger stages and for venues that have Fri or Sat night bands this is the best option.

Tim can do a Rockin Trio with a female singer – Jenny Marie lang, who is a well-known performer in her own right.

Or a 4 piece rock band for a bigger sound.

And of course Tim’s well known Tribute Show – The Crowdies Show – a professional and costumed tribute to Crowded House & Split Enz has been playing all over NSW, interstate and Internationally for 11 years now.