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Promotional Material

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The below promotional material is for use by venues or agents to promote a show.

I often do a Facebook event post but not for each and every gig. I’ll happily do a Facebook event post as requested by any venue and list the venue as a co-host.

Below is a bio promo blurb – press release, a poster file, links to hi-res pics and a logo file.

Also please visit the social media pages linked below for more images, promo & reviews.

The best images ( hi-res ) are via the links below and the best testimonials are on the testimonials page here.
Please simply select the best promotional material – images and written material to suit your promo needs.

The best clips are on the home page or youtube channel linked below. 
The main promo clips are also linked below at the bottom of the page.

I encourage all venues to have their media team do as much music promo as possible. It does make a difference.

Promo blurb – Press release

promo material tim pringle



Tim Pringle Poster

poster tim pringle


Hi Res Images

promotional material tim pringle

Click the link below to access a Dropbox folder of Hi Res Promo Shots.
Link to Folder


Tim Pringle Logo

promo logo tim pringle

Download EPS File

Download PSD File

Download PDF File


All of the above – one folder

Link to folder

promo material