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A Gig at Hunter Valley’s Most Exclusive Restaurant

muse restaurant

Muse Restaurant

Sat 30th Apr at Muse Restaurant was a special members wine tasting event for Audrey Wilkinson Wines.
I’ve done many functions for Audrey Wilkinson & Agnew Wines over the years.

Having played so many Hunter Valley venues over years and years of being a wedding and function singer, I’ve driven past Muse Restaurant probably 78 times as it’s on Broke Rd, one of the main roads into the Hunter Wine region.

Recently I’d driven past Muse Restaurant, one more time, and I glanced over and had a look, and thought you know I’d really love to play there. I really want to try the beautiful food and of course the famous muse coconut a special desert that they’re known for which is a handmade chocolate mousse coconut.

Audrey Wilkinson Annual Members Lunch

As luck would have it the next week, the artist I booked for a corporate event there pulled out with Covid on the day so (we needed an urgent fill in) and it was finally my turn to play the famous Muse.
What a great day. It was a little overcast and rainy but that didn’t stop the huge turn out of Audrey Wilkinson members  to celebrate an annual members lunch.

The place was fully packed and booked out by Audrey Wilkinson. All the members showed up from all over from Sydney, Newcastle and all over the place and they were treated to a delicious set menu with loads and loads of various wines.
I started playing nice background music, and then naturally as the lunch went on the wine and good times flowed more and more.

Background music only – or get them up to dance ?

Then I reached that point where you’re never sure as an artist whether to switch from background music into upbeat, dance music .
I mean what does the client want – just laid back grooves only?
Some clients DO NOT want people up dancing as it can get a bit wild and pub like.
So as a singer we all have to make this call – keep the client happy …..and keep the audience happy.

Of course my job is to deliver to the people what the people want to so if they want to dance then I switch to that vibe.
Sometimes in an elegant restaurant scene – I purposely keep it chilled so it doesn’t become a typical pub vibe – this is a skill learned over time to keep a controlled nice upmarket vibe going and to avoid a suburban pub vibe.

In this case a good trick is somewhere in between – instead of manic dance songs – I go for singalongs or reggae songs as a hybrid between low key background ballads and crazy dance songs.

so I got them all singing along to a few classic ballads like Hey Jude and Sweet Caroline.
A few got up to dance, it turned out to be a great day.

The famous Muse Restaurant Coconut.

I was watching the spectacular, artistic creation the famous Muse Restaurant Coconut go round the tables, everyone got a Muse Coconut dessert.
As the musician we typical get a ‘service meal’ not the same as the guests – usually a main – out was delicious. I din’t expect a coconut dessert of course as I was working there not a paid guest.

As luck would have it, as i was at the back of the room near a table of guests adjusting my camera, (you can see a video of highlights of the gig here…..https://youtu.be/ndIFlv8YUPM)
I was adjusting my camera, and I was able to see the Muse Coconuts up close on a table and I looked at them and I said to someone, my God don’t they look amazing.
This dessert is what Muso is famous for.
A lady looked at me and said do you want mine?
She said I hate coconut, I’ve hated it all my life, can’t stand it…..have it, it’s yours!
I thought wow my day is just got even better. Not only did I get to play at Muse I got to sample the famous Muse Restaurant Coconut.

I devoured that and finished my gig.
It was just a great day, great gig, and then I rushed off to another booking.
Another private booking that night back in Sydney , but I was so happy to finally play Muse and sample the fine cuisine.
I highly recommend it.
Thanks for reading this.
If you need a corporate function singer, you know who to call 🙂
Once again, here’s a link to the video of highlights of the day.